Programming financial transactions

One of the simplest yet most complex and important element of finance is the transaction! When building financial software it has always been a struggle in each project until we have been able to nail down the transaction engine. If you go too shallow when building this thing it will come back and bite youContinue reading “Programming financial transactions”

How does a company build value? What goes in must come out!

When starting out to analyze companies it might be hard to understand what all these balance sheets and income statements are all about. There can be a lot of pitfalls and creative accounting but in essence it is about putting something into a company and then either keeping it there or taking it out. AContinue reading “How does a company build value? What goes in must come out!”

Market update for week 35

Inflation overview I always start off by looking at my inflation indicators below. First I look at the CRB index in SEK since SEK is where I consume goods living in Sweden and this is the inflation that I am mostly concerned about. During 2007/2008 we were at peak levels higher than we are currentlyContinue reading “Market update for week 35”